How To Evaluate Basketball Summer Camps

How to Choose a Basketball Summer Camp in Austin, Texas
How to Choose a Basketball Summer Camp in Austin, Texas

Thinking about basketball summer camp but don’t know how to evaluate the many choices available to you? Here are some questions you should use to evaluate prospects and then determine where your child fits.

1. Is the camp local or distant? Here in Austin there are several good choices available expenditures that don’t require the that a distant camp most often requires. Your player/child may benefit more from attending several weeks of local camps more than just one week of an ovenight camp. Your child may, however, crave the sense of independence and new experience that overnight camp offers.

2. How convenient are the camps locations and times for your family?

3. How do you perceive the camp value? This is not a pure price question. Rarely is the cheapest of anything the best value. Child/player development question is no exception. Factors in this equation can include things like: player to instructor ratio, hours of instruction vs. open play, the fun factor, etc.

4. What kind of experience does the Camp Leadership and Instructor have? This can be the toughest of all things to evaluate. We recommend that the camp leadership have some college basketball experience and also expereince in coaching youth basketball. This is not to say that children may not benefit from someone who has less experience that is passionate, committed and does their homework. It does, however, act as an effective gatekeeper to weed out some of the opportunists. One more thing- we are still so naive to think that these people should serve as role models to your children. Do they walk the talk? Quick google searches can help find out a little. We believe that backgorund checks should be performed on anyone around your most precious resources.

5. What kind of testimonials and reviews has the camp received? Again, the age of the Internet has made this process easier. We recommend speaking with parents and children in person given the opportunity.

6. What is the focus of the camp and what are the needs of your child/player? In other words, if your child is a point guard will he receive specifc attention to their needs.

7. What is the feel of the camp? Is discipline stressd at the risk of the kids having less fun? Is it so laissez- faire that nothing gets accomplished? How does this fit with your child’s personality?

8. How are the facilities? Are they world class or is it a run down middle school gym with fungus in the showers? Are there other recreational opportunities like swimming?

9. Does the camp genuinely appreciate your child/player and appreciate your business?

10. Is the camp geared toward player exposure or player development? Camps for player exposure usually have more games for scouting purposes while player development participants may learn more. Perhaps you are trying to expose your child to a coach of a high school or college that runs the camp. This may be an opportunity for them to get to know one another.