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Former Collegiate or Pro Players Endorsed By USA Basketball, Former NBA & WNBA Players, College Coaches, College Players & Hundreds Of Basketball Families...We Can Help!

Austin Basketball Trainer Team

Chris Corbett & Austin Youth Basketball have an amazing level of passion for the game of basketball at all levels. His high energy approach to working on the fundamentals of the game is great for all players. He works with every player on their strengths and weaknesses to make them the best player they can be. I have sent him players in the past and will continue to recommend other players ready to work on their game to him.

Mike Vandegarde | 15 year NBA Scout - Former Texas State Coach - Former Pro

We Deliver Skills and Confidence…Both On & Off The Court

Our team of former point guard, wing, and post playing trainers can offer unique insight into maximizing your strengths and addressing obstacles holding you back. Shooting, ball handling, post play, finishing moves, and defensive prowess to keep you on the court. While very few of of us have a future in the NBA, we can carry the life lessons learned in basketball training off the court.


Our basketball training team is passionate about the game and passionate about helping young people strive toward their goals, embrace failures in their path all while developing resiliency, courage and commitment to development. Passion makes the hard work a joy, not a job. Have the passion when you arrive... watch it grow here!


Passion and work ethic can help drive players to spend the hours necessary to become the best they can be. Our trainers introduce Purpose to their workouts. We don't believe that a random 10,000 hours will get the job done. We take the time to explain the how and why. Change, coach-ability, and focus are critical. We provide the expert direction & feedback you need.


Developing both on and off the court requires passion and purpose. We train players to adapt a mindset of power. One that permits them to expand skills and confidence by trying hard things, failing, repeating, and finally reaching mastery. We teach them how to make teammates stronger thru trust, communication, and lifting people up. POWER!

Basketball Training Solutions

"We learned more in two training sessions than we had in a whole season of select basketball"

Personalized Basketball Training

$40 Per Session

  • 1 Hour Focused Session
  • Mon, & Thurs. Eves, Sat. Mornings
  • Instructor / Student Ratio 1 :4
  • Southwest Austin Location
  • Private Training $75/ session
  • No Long Term Contracts
  • Shooting Coaching
  • Bulletproof Ballhandling
  • Become A Stronger Asset To Your Team

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Basketball Team Training

$200 per Session

  • 1.5 Hour Session
  • Up To Ten Players
  • 1 Trainer
  • Our Gym (NO Added Fee)
  • Serving "Daddy Coached" To Elite AAU Teams
  • Skill Development
  • Offensive & Defensive Systems
  • Out of Bounds & Beat The Trap Plays
  • Customized Solution

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Basketball + Speed & Agility aka “The Real Run”


  • 9 Week Session
  • Refereed Pickup
  • Loose Play w/o Instruction
  • Intermediate and Up Level
  • 40 Min. Guaranteed Playing Time in 1 Hour Scrimmage
  • 30 Minute Speed and Agility Workout Led By Expert Geoff Harner
  • What The Kids Want...& Need!
  • Southwest Austin Location

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Having played basketball with Austin Youth Basketball's Chris Corbett for a decade that brought numerous championships, I can say his approach every game was about dedication and focus.  His integrity, desire and knowledge of the game made him a valuable teammate and a coach on the floor. Any player or program would benefit from having Chris on board for player development and reaching for higher standards.  

Mark Acres  |  Boston Celtics - Orlando Magic - 7 Year NBA Veteran

Basketball Training Frequently Asked Questions

Are Your Basketball Trainers Background Checked?

Of course! All of us have passed the highly diligent FBI fingerprint background check, have also passed the USA Basketball Verified Volunteer Criminal Background check, and the Dripping Springs School District check. Additionally, all trainers have undergone extensive professional and personal reference checks. We are committed to children and take protecting them seriously.

What Do We Need to Get Started?

The best thing to do is to give Chris Corbett a call at 512-921-4444 and tell us a little about your basketball player (or yourself) and how we can help. You don't need to be a basketball expert to share insight. We will then agree on a time for the player to come in for evaluation. At the end of the session or the next day we will go over the strengths and weaknesses we see and focus on a roadmap to help you reach your goal. We are in your corner and look forward to helping. Email us:

Do You Recommend Personalized Training In A Group or Private Session?

We did private lessons for many years, but saw a major boost in impact when we began personalized small group training. NBA players typically train in a small group to keep intensity up, and to experience the communication, chaos, defense and movement in the game. So, we feel that most players belong in small group but do have limited openings for private sessions as well.

How Often Should We Come To Personalized Training?

The more time with a basketball in your hands the better, but we find the optimal amount of time coming to us is twice a week with serious benefits at just once a week. You should also be working on your skills outside of training with us and taking ownership of skills taught. Practice makes perfect may not be true in tough basketball skills. "Perfect practice" makes truly perfect. Our players learn to make the driveway and other pursuits their masterpiece when playing,

Do We Need A Basketball Trainer? Who Is A Good Fit For Basketball Training?

We would say that anyone ages 8 and up that has a clear passion for the game and has the desire to get better and develop could benefit from the expertise of our trainers. Realize that change is a necessary component of development so coachability is a key factor in how quickly you can accelerate. Consistent training is obvious to most athletes as a hallmark of success but understand your "busy" schedule has can come in the way of your goals. Most of our athletes train with us once or twice a week, while some of the "all-in" people are training three times per week. .

Where Is Your Basketball Training Facility?

We train in Southwest Austin at 11607 Crumley Ranch Rd
Austin, Texas 78736. We are the master tenant of the gym for Fitzhugh Baptist Church which is highly secure and consistently available. We are grateful to the Church for hosting us.

You Learned Plays... Now Come To Our Austin Basketball Camps For Fun, Inspiration, Perspiration, and Motivation and Skill Development

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"Chris Corbett is very passionate about helping our youth and sharing his knowledge of the game through the fundamentals that have been forgotten.  I admire his desire to learn and share his expertise in hoops and life.  He encouraged me through a tough time in my life after the passing of my Grandmother mainly because he could relate. And I will forever be grateful.  Chris Corbett is an up and coming skills trainer in Austin and teaches with morals and work ethic."

Edwina Brown   |   2000 National Player of the Year University of Texas  -  WNBA 1st Round Draft Pick